Important Information about CHPI Data

Particular health tests or other procedures may be recommended by health care organizations for patients that meet certain criteria, such as patients in a particular age group or patients who have particular medical conditions, in order to improve health outcomes. The ratings on this site report the percentage of patients for which a particular doctor provided these recommended tests and procedures for certain patients.

The ratings for each doctor reflect two measures: first, how the doctor compares to other doctors in his or her specialty practice area in terms of providing a test/procedure for patients for whom it is recommended; and second, the percentage of the doctor's patients for whom a test/procedure is recommended who actually received the test/procedure. The doctor's page will also show a rating from one to four stars, which reflects where the doctor ranks on the first measure, compared to other physicians.

  • This information is from 2014.
  • Most of this information has not been reviewed by each doctor. Doctors were given the opportunity to review their CHPI data for inaccuracies, but few doctors took advantage of this opportunity. As CHPI is a new program, many doctors may not have learned about CHPI in time to review their data.
  • The results reflect information from insurance claims. However, the insurance claims themselves may not accurately reflect what actually occurred. Insurance claims are not always complete or accurate, with a significant reason being the complex process of coding a doctor visit or test so that it is accurately captured in the doctor record. Most research suggests that claims data is appropriate for the limited set of measures CHPI is reporting.
  • The results may reflect that a doctor did not perform a test/procedure, even if the doctor may have recommended the test/procedure for a particular patient but the patient declined the test/procedure or did not follow up to obtain the test/procedure.

If you have questions about your doctor's ranking, ask your doctor about the measure to make sure that you are receiving the recommended health tests and procedures that your doctor thinks are medically necessary for you. An open dialogue between you and your doctor will hopefully foster increased trust and communication to improve your overall health care.

Physician quality is comprised of many different aspects of a physician's practice and medical care. This report measures how physicians performed in providing particular recommended tests in 2014. It is not intended to be an indication of overall physician quality.

At CHPI, we hope our ratings will achieve improved health outcomes, and we recognize that our project methods are in ongoing development and will improve with each reporting cycle. The Physician Advisory Group, comprised of 12 physician experts representing relevant specialties, continuously monitor and improve CHPI's rating methodology.